About Us

Shoreh is the founder and creator of Camelot's Kitchen. She had spent a  majority of her professional career as an interior designer, art collector, and former managing partner of an art gallery. Furthermore, she developed specialty gifts that were displayed prominently in the gift shops of The Georgia O'Keefe Museum, The Huntington Library, and The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Camelot's Kitchen has allowed Shoreh to combine her love of bunnies, artistic sensibilities, and passion for healthy salads into an incredibly exciting endeavor.

Rane Sevin is truly a gifted artist whose imprint can be felt in screenwriting, film, and music. Rane is an award winning writer, filmmaker, and musician. Awards include The Cine Golden Eagle Award, a Chesterfield Screenwriting Award, An Ace Award, and John Lennon Songwriting Award. Rane has played a vital role in bringing Camelot's Kitchen to fruition. Rane designed and published the book, created the sets and images, and wrote the auxiliary text.